Do Rimtec cover all areas of the Country? 

Yes. We cover the whole of the UK via our courier service at £40 each way for a set of 4 alloy wheels and tyres. 


How long will you have my wheels for? 

Our turnaround time is 3-4 working days but we provide a 1 day service for a small fee. 


Can Rimtec repair my badly dented alloy wheel as I can’t find any wheel refurbishers that can? 

Yes. We can repair almost every wheel even if it’s bent off-centre or has multiple dents. 


Why can the process take longer than smart repairers? 

Because we remove the tyres and completely strip the whole wheel of its paint then refurbish the wheel; not just the face – resulting in an ‘as new’ finish. 


Can you lend me some wheels to keep my car on the road while mine are being refurbished? 

Yes. Please phone us for availability on your model of car. 


Can you refurbish just one alloy wheel to match the others on my car? 

Yes we can do OEM finishes on all wheels. 


Do you process alloy wheels for other companies and smart repairers? 

Yes. We have many tyre shops, tyre accessory shops and motor-trade companies that use us, including mobile wheel repairers that cannot process the modern-day finishes – including Diamond polishing, specialist straightening and welding etc. We welcome their business. If you have a Trade Enquiry, please call us to discuss your requirements. 


Can you refurbish my wheels in any colour of my choice? 

Yes the colours we can supply are endless. 

Can you refurbish my Split-Rim alloy wheels? 

Yes we can but the process is longer than a one piece refurbishment. 


Do Rimtec supply and fit new tyres to my refurbished wheels? 

Yes. Rimtec can supply and fit new or part-worn tyres at competitive rates and can also fit customers own supplied tyres at a small fee. 


Can I leave my car at your premises while my wheels are being refurbished? 

Yes. We have parking for several cars in our securely locked yard and all the equipment to jack the vehicle up to remove the wheels for FREE. For a 1 day service the fee is just £35 extra per wheel. 


Do Rimtec refurbish motorcycle alloy wheels? 

we have a special department that only refurbishes motorcycle wheels,frames,mud gaurds,engine components ect ect please call or email for details. 


Is public transport close by? 

Yes. We are next door to Meopham Railway station on the London Victoria line used by thousands of commuters’ everyday.