Rimtec employs highly experienced staff who, in the process of refurbishing completely strip the whole wheel to bare metal using a chemical paint stripper. 


The wheel is then lightly glass bead blasted to etch the surface of the aluminium or the steel before the wheel is cleaned and pre-machined on a high speed lathe removing any other ground-in corrosion or kerb damage. Heavy kerb damage is welded via a Tig welding plant then machined down to the precise shape of the wheel. 


The wheel is then placed into high temperature ovens and powder coat primed and then coloured in either colour; anthracite grey, gloss black, matt black or white at no extra cost. Alternatively, the wheel/s can be sprayed using the latest water-based silvers or any other colour you can dream of! 


At this point the wheels can be diamond cut or two-toned before the final powder coat lacquer. Our work on the wheel is then quality checked ready for the tyres to be fitted. 

Diamond Cutting: 


Stripping and Painting
  Tyres removed, then the balance weights and valves are removed.  


Chemical Stripping Old Paint


Sandblast and prep ready to be sprayed

Powder Coated Primer, Silver, Laquer